A New Yujeanean!!!

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Our Operations Manager, Doug, his beautiful wife Shyla, and a new one, coming soon!!

So proud to have a guy like Doug on board with us, and excited for his new family! Doug Jr. is gonna be a sticker-loving good guy, we are sure!

Congratulations Doug and Shyla!!


The Yujean Stickers Crew

Miss Cherry Martini!!!!

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Hey Darls!!!! Miss Cherry is here!!


b1086Awesome totes…

ja607-1Stickers….of course!!!!

ja616Zombie chicks….

ja619Cool Catz…

t1223Crazee cute Chihuahuas (and other awesome shirts!)

ja617And awesome gear for the tough girls in your life!

Isn’t it time for YOU to rock some Miss Cherry Martini fineness?????

420….The Rest of the Story

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Leave it to Yujean Stickers and Huffington Post to dig up the real dirt on the origins of 420! As intrepid author and Huffington contributor reports: “It starts with the Dead.”

It had to be, right?

Seems like EVERYTHING important starts there.

And we know the results:

“Today the code often creeps into popular culture and mainstream settings. Some of the clocks in “Pulp Fiction,” for instance, are set to 4:20. A “Price Is Right” contestant won YouTube celebrity by bidding either $420 or $1,420 for everything. In 2003, when the California Legislature codified the medical marijuana law that voters had approved, the bill was named SB 420.”

You can read the rest of the story here.b1072

So, in honor of 4/20, 4:20, 420–and the Grateful Dead who started it all, some awesome Dead and cannabis classics.

ph521Yujean‘s classic rasta 420 patch!

cd476-lJerry….da man…..

t1174Spiffy Yujean shirt, with our Highway 420 logo.

ad832_copyDan Morris‘s spectacular Steal Your Face!

ja574And finally, Frank Wiedemann‘s ode to the bong…..


Pete Tapang Is Back!! Pinups De Los Muertos

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Pete Tapang is a pinup artist from Virginia, self taught, and an absolutely stunning talent! He licensed with Yujean in the past, but when we saw his amazing Day of the Dead inspired pinups (and other too: see gorgeous Kitsune below!) we had to invite him back.


Why does he specialize in drawing women? Pete says, ‘People like to draw what they feel is beautiful! Some people like buildings, landscapes, retarded poodles, chipmunks, or even smurfs, but I think that the most beautiful creation that God ever made was the woman, so why not draw that. Throughout the years I have spent drawing, I realized that every artist has a job to do and I believe that my job as an artist is to cause a little trouble and get people to think a little bit. A man once told me that in a world of media bombardment, it’s truly a great thing when a simple drawing can still shock and provoke an audience. It shows that the art still has power.’

ja582Sensational, right?  We are about the art, here at Yujean Stickers. Amazing, quirky, beautiful, interesting, challenging art, on a product that all of us want and use.

t1169But it’s not just stickers: Pete Tapang shirts! Fashion fit, ring spun cotton, and absolutely gorgeous printing.

ja583Welcome back, Pete!! We have missed you!

Shall We Reflect….On 2012

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2012 at Yujean Stickers…….

The year we:

Introduced shirts!


big reveal 2

big reveal

Yujean Shirts debuted to great buzz, and terrific sales! With over 150 designs available by end of year, and more introduced every month, we know there is something for every customer and store.

It’s our big story of 2012!

New Artists!!


Maryann Luera!

Fantastic sugar skulls and loteria inspired art.


Derek Tall!

Sexy, scary pinup girlz, with a retro twist!


Frank Wiedemann!

Bringing his incredible talent and eye to everything from Zombies to Gay Pride……


Jeral Tidwell!

Amazing artist, and old friend to Yujean….with great new art for our customers.



Just the beginning…..edgy designs from the iconic apparel company. More on the presses right now!! Watch this spot.

Thank you for your patronage this past year. We love our customers, and hearing from you. What can we do better in 2013? In the meantime, have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

All our best,

The Gang at Yujean Stickers

‘Tis the Season for a Scary Sale!!

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Hallowe’en…..Dia de los Muertos….All Souls Day……lots of occasions coming up that ask for a certain–I don’t know–macabre response. Who better to provide that, than the twisted folks at yujean.com?

Zombie Double Tap

Agorables is name for an INCREDIBLY talented artist we know who seems to have an intimate relationship with the bent. Above are a couple of his newest zombie shirts. And below, his Never Trust the Living shirt (which devotees can get in a keychain and sticker as well!!)

Never Trust the Living

Sunny Buick’s sugar skulls are hot year round, but you surely need them in time for Day of the Dead. Here’s her newest:

…..and, like most of our stuff, you can order in more than one form—it comes as a shirt, a keychain, and a kick-ass embroidered patch! You can wear this sugar skull on your chest, on your car, in your pocket and ON your pocket!!

Frank Wiedemann‘s  Zombie Hunter design has been flying out, here in a shirt, but in other products as well. (Check out Frank’s creepy Zombie Kids while you’re at it!)

Jeral Tidwell is BACK!! And with these great Zombie Love Hands! And there is SO much more where these came from!

BEST OF ALL, our entire Zombie, Undead, Skeletons and Creatures of the Night category is ON SALE–10% off on all products, whether you are a retail customer or wholesale, through October 2, 2012! Shirts, stickers, button boxes, patches, keychains–all of it!! Just be sure to use the coupon code ‘scary’, so we know you are taking advantage of this great offer! (Psst…..wholesale customers–when you order $400 or more through the sale, you’ll also get a $25. credit towards your shipping costs! Whoo hooo!!! Happy Frights everyone!)

Support Artists (Musicians too)

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Fellow WordPress blogger The Trichordist wrote a response to NPR intern Emily White’s admission that, while she has downloaded some 11,ooo songs on her various devices, she has actually purchased only 15 or so albums in her entire life. She loves music, it seems, but hasn’t felt any need to actually PAY for it.

Read The Trichordist’s statement, and pass it on. It’s needed to be said for a long time now, and really puts the morality of artist and consumer in perspective.

Money quote:

The existential questions that your generation gets to answer are these:

Why do we value the network and hardware that delivers music but not the music itself?

Why are we willing to pay for computers, iPods, smartphones, data plans, and high speed internet access but not the music itself?

Why do we gladly give our money to some of the largest richest corporations in the world but not the companies and individuals who create and sell music?


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