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Heart of Yujean

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Nene's Rainbow Fairy

One of the most rewarding things about working at Yujean and Net Sales is our relationship with talented, creative artists. When we sign a new artist, we hope for the kind of long term relationship we have developed with fantasy artist Nene Thomas. Nene has been with us over seven years now, and her work just gets more beautiful every season. Besides that, she is a fantastic person! One of our favorite artists, and, even more importantly, favorite people.


Hallowe’en is here….

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It’s been a scary year in the world in all kinds of ways, but never more than October 31! We take it very seriously at Yujean and the Net Sales offices.

halloween 2

From Rick, aka The Great Pumpkin--both the punkin AND the Mac!

Rick, the Boss, isn’t a fan of most holidays, but on Hallowe’en, like magic, every Apple has its pumpkin.

halloween 4

Witchy Maya Stewart, one of our favorite artists!

halloween 3

We likes us some candy.

halloween 5

Barbara, Our Lady of Orders, Maya and (appropriately!) Barb's dog Pumpkin


halloween 1

Thank God Matt is on the job!!


Monday blues…..

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Murphy is worn out. And the week has just started.Monday Morning

Sneak Preview……..

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Vulture Kulture is coming soon…..spread the word.

We say we’re about the art….but sometimes we’re just about the dogs

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Ruby and Murphy on their way to work

Ruby and Murphy on their way to work

Some days at Yujean/Net Sales everyone’s just quietly going about their business, taking care of customers, checking on shipments, creating new products, talking with artists……and then the barking starts. Ruby doesn’t like hats–never has. It seems to be more than a fashion commentary with her. More like anything resting on the human head looks like it’s growing there. Her barking and backing away from the UPS driver is more like “CAN’T YOU SEE IT?? IT’S COMING OUT OF YOUR HEAD! AAAAUUUUUUGGHHHH!” You would have to be there.

This photo is Ruby (the Scottie) and Murphy (the Westie) on their way to work. Note the forward looking excitement and anticipation on their faces.

It’s how we all look here, on our way to work. We love it THAT MUCH.

‘Til the barking starts.

Where would YOU put a sticker?

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l_aafbfc13467f4261885bee2885d83ad7This photo came from Amanda and Richie Davis. Richie is a Flight Engineer on a Chinook Helicopter and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Amanda ordered a few of our Michael Landefeld pinup stickers for Richie’s helicopter, and we sent along a few extras. Thanks for the photos, Richie….and Godspeed.

Our latest new artist…..

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Tiki Rituals, by Lowbrow Artist Kalynn Campbell

Tiki Rituals, by Lowbrow Artist Kalynn Campbell

Net Sales and Yujean Products are all about the art, to the point that we call what we do “Art for the Masses”. Whatever, we are always on the lookout for the next artist who, by skill or vision or trend or timing, floats our collective boats. We met Kalynn Campbell’s agent at the Vegas Licensing Show (where you find lots of superheroes and James Dean and Hello Kitty, and only occasionally the kind of REALLY interesting artist we like), and were just amazed. Kalynn is a Los Angeles painter and illustrator, and one of the early artists in the Lowbrow art movement. His art is provocative, nostalgic, iconic, subversive, and funny as hell. He has illustrated the work of rockers from Megadeath and The Smashing Pumpkins to Tom Petty; shows in alternative galleries like the Zero One Gallery on Melrose, and his work has been featured in books like Pop Surrealism by Kristin Anderson and Weirdo Deluxe by Mat Dukes Jordan.

There are a million reviews of his work, but I think this one says it: “Campbell’s work is strangely intoxicating and provocative yet hangs heavy with an uneasy ‘rotting meat in the basement’ feel….His is a world where the dresser drawer’s ‘suicide revolver’ is always loaded and at the ready.” –Spastic Culture Magazine


Mainly, we love his work, and are excited to welcome him to Net Sales and Yujean Products. Check him out at, and at his website

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