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Where would YOU put a sticker?

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Highbrow, yet lowbrow....

A photo from a FOY (Friend Of Yujean, in case you have forgotten) who plays classical music and STILL loves her some lowbrow and tattoo art stickers from Yujean! We think our stickers make this cool-spacecraft-coffin case look pretty sweet!

So, where WOULD you put a sticker?


Get to know……Todd Bishop

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Todd Bishop, aka Cruise Ship Drummer, has been with Yujean for a few years now. He created the hot My Sweet Fiend series, and some other great edgy/pop art for us.

Todd is one of those creative types who does so many things well….he is a website designer, an abstract expressionist painter, who has shown and sold on the West Coast for years, and a jazz drummer. Todd’s latest recording project is a homage to Serge Gainsbourg, French 1960s pop icon, by his group Pop Art 4. He just returned from a European tour promoting the cd. Since we couldn’t be in France last week, we thought we’d live vicariously here on the blog.  

One review of Todd’s music said “…meticulously molding musical soundscapes that can alternately seduce you to sleep, get you stoned, and make you feel all slinky and sexy. Brilliance without words.” – ANODYNE

So let’s enjoy some Todd and Serge, shall we?

Deadhead Sticker on a Cadillac

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Look closely...that's a Yujean Steal Your Face sticker on that Caddy....

Boy, the weather stinks.

Summer’s over.

Let’s get nostalgic, listen to a little Boys of Summer.


Need a Deadhead sticker for your Cadillac?


Attention FOY Retailers!! Sweet Edeal going on! HELD OVER!

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Fave Artist Dan Morris!!

Hello Friend of Yujean!!! (Or FOY, as we affectionately call you):

Now through Sunday, 11/22/09, on, wholesale customers can take 30% off of standard wholesale pricing on our great new postcard packs! These are no-brainers for your customers—great for stocking stuffers or sending or collecting—and a great deal for you and your bottom line. Use promotion code “yujeanscene” when you check out, and please remember that all usual edeal rules apply.

There are 21 great postcard packs, from 14 of our best selling artists–something for absolutely everyone! Collectible, mail-able, frame-able and full color.

We hope you will check out our blog often, now that you have found it. You never know what you’ll see here!

PS Check out our other current edeal on our My Space page. TWO big edeals going on!! Take advantage of them both, for even more savings!

Kalynn’s first sticker….

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ja263Kalynn Campbell’s first sticker has arrived!  It’s printed on clear stock, so the image will float on your car window with no icky white vinyl showing. Screen printed for long wear, even in the elements. It will advertise your inner hipster, even on the rear window of your ’73 Vega…..or your ’10 Beamer….make you feel like you are giving the finger to The Man, but in a good way.

We love this groovy green monkey….who wouldn’t? You really should get one. Like, today.

FOY: Cartoonist Jan Eliot

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And speaking of stickers heard ’round the world:stone_soup_family

A favorite FOY (Friend of Yujean) is Jan Eliot, the cartoonist, and creator of Stone Soup, the crazy good syndicated comic. She and her husband Ted are, truly, the best. (More on that, after the break.) Awhile back, Yujean boss and guiding light Rick did a custom printing of stickers for Jan, of her Stone Soup characters. (One of the stickers is the Stone Soup graphic below.) A few days ago we received this:

“Hi Rick,
I just returned from an amazing trip to Algeria and Morocco. While in Algiers I met with Algerian journalists at the US Embassy. The Embassy for some reason did not have the electronic images I sent, and I only had one book which I needed to keep for the other appearances scheduled. But I wanted the journalists to have something for a graphic…

Guess what I had in my purse?

The next day there were 5 articles about us, including this one:


Your stickers now reside on windows of an orphanage, with many art students, on many notebooks, and with cartoonists from all over the continent of Africa (I took a couple hundred with me. These things are just like loaves and fishes!)”

Anybody read French?

Later this month, Jan is going to Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, and help build 85 houses with Habitat for Humanity. Follow her adventures on her blog.

All the best folks are FOY.

Adam Potts

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Yujean by Net Sales is all about the art.When we had a request from some major automotive players to come up with a line of seat covers and auto gear, the first place we went was to our artists. This sassy Old Skool lowback has tattoo art by Adam Potts of Acme Ink Tattoos in Louisville.


Adam Potts




Adam has worked with us for several years on an Old Skool Tattoo line of stickers and stuff. He is the kind of artist we love–the real deal, a cool guy, and great to work with. And we love his art. He is working on some new Roller Derby designs that we are BEGGING for.


Adam Art






The hope is, when you see one of our products with Adam’s work, or any of our artists, that you can see the art, and the artist, behind it. No assembly line corporate art-by-committee here. Check out our website to see more of what we do, and who is behind it.

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