Sunny Buick, L’artiste parisien de tatouage….

We came across Sunny Buick’s work online, between her website and Etsy page, where she was showing her fantastic tattoo work and lowbrow art. Her name KILLS, but her work is even better!

Her story, in her words:

“I’m an artist. I like to sew. I like vintage stuff.

I was born in British Columbia, Canada in a small cabin in the woods. I was then raised in California by a single hippy mother, who always encouraged my creative spirit. Finally arriving in San Francisco at age fifteen after years and years of constant displacement, I finally felt at home. The next year I decided to become a tattoo artist after meeting some influential misfits. Many years later after finishing college I gained a tattoo apprenticeship with Henry Goldfield and it was in North Beach, not too far from where Lenny Bruce fell out of his hotel window that my career started.

My work is heavily influenced by tattoo imagery which has become a symbolic language in my paintings.

I started exposing my paintings around the same time as I started tattooing. I have appeared in several art books about female artists in the lowbrow scene, also in Beatsville, about beatnik artwork put out by Gallery Outré. I was photographed by the french artist Pierre et Gilles. I currently live in Paris where I daily find inspiration and live out my artistic dreams.”

Sunny’s work is in the Yujean line in stickers and keychains, and will soon be in patches and buttons too. She is just one of our amazing artists….incredible!!! If you want a real Sunny Buick tattoo, you will have to go to Paris; if you can make do with a small piece of her art to have and hold and carry with you wherever you go, well you will just have to visit!


2 Responses to “Sunny Buick, L’artiste parisien de tatouage….”

  1. Truthful words, some authentic words dude. You rocked my day.

  2. abdelhak salim…

    […]Sunny Buick, L’artiste parisien de tatouage…. « YujeanScene[…]…

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