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Wide Eyed Innocents (Not!)

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Remember those sad, morose big-eyed kids from the 60’s? They were the epitome of kitsch back then. Today, there’s a new take on that iconic look.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith and her big-eyed, edgy fairies and Strangeling fantasy creatures have been a mainstay at Yujean for several years now. Jasmine paints in the traditional manner, in acrylics, and you can find her work in collections and shows all over the world. She is inspired by Goth themes and fairytales, Steampunk and nature.  We love her waif-like, hip little beings, who are equal parts sad and scary, and who seem like they have a story to tell.

Look for more Jasmine, today, at


Meet Minnie Jane!

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Enough about art. Today, let us introduce you to one of the youngest FOY–Minnie Jane, the younger daughter of our friends Renee and Arthur from Taiwan. Minnie’s parents are longtime and dear friends of Yujean Boss Rick, who even attended their wedding in Taipei. First, daughter Laurel came along, and now Minnie Jane. You can tell from her smile that she’s an old soul, with a sense of humor. We can’t wait to get to know her! Welcome to the world, Minnie!

Vulture Kulture is here!

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Dan Statler’s parents met at the Jantzen Beach Speedway in Portland, Oregon where his father raced the #13 car, a late model Dodge in black and white paint. One of his earliest memories are of his father’s feet sticking out from under the #13 covered in a shower of sparks. “He’d get home from work and go straight to the garage to get the car in shape for the race on Sunday. He was always welding because he crashed it a lot.”

After studying photography at East Texas State University, Dan moved to Southern California where he began working in movies and television. Dan has worked for more than 15 years in the entertainment industry in the camera, art and special effects departments.

Dan became the Production Designer for Discovery Channels’ Monster Garage when it began in 2002 until the show’s conclusion in 2006. He single-handedly created the distinctive look of the Monster Garage sets and also created props, furniture, and individually themed art pieces that appeared in 80 episodes.

We met Dan and his great wife, Vivian, at a licensing show, saw his tremendous art, and knew he was a fit with Yujean–especially when we learned that his background and inspiration came from just up the road in Portland! Vulture Kulture, Dan’s killer line of custom car culture inspired art, is now available at!

Krysztof Nemeth and His Charm School Art

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Krysztof built a career in Seattle, and recently relocated to Kansas, but wherever he is, we love his sassy retro pen-and-ink pinup girls. Roller Derby girls, punks, hitgirls, rockabilly girls….they are edgy but, as he says, always flirty, never dirty.

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By now, all of us have heard the tragic news of the earthquake devastation in Haiti.

During these tough economic times, it is so easy for us to get wrapped up in the worry and stress of our daily concerns. But a disaster like this really brings us all back to what is important.

Although times are tough here for many, nothing can compare to the suffering this earthquake’s destruction has caused in an already poverty-stricken country. Multiple countries and charity foundations are already giving aid in the aftermath of this disaster; what can just one person do?

You can join Net Sales, Inc. in donating money to Doctors Without Borders-– we’ve even made it easy for you!

Between now and January 31st, 2010, at will donate 5% of your order  to Doctors Without Borders to aid in the Haiti disaster when you mention this effort.

In addition, if you make an additional donation of $25 or more when placing your order, we will give you $50 worth of free, brand new, just-released merchandise of our choosing at no cost to you!

Thanks for joining us in our efforts to support Doctors Without Borders in their work in Haiti. Check out the Yujean website for more information.

Give the people you love a hug tonight.

The Grateful Dead and the Birth of Yujean….or Twenty Years of Deadhead Sticker Bliss

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Somewhere about 20 years ago, Yujean founder Rick Cricow test marketed (at the request of an especially persistent customer) some Grateful Dead stickers. They sold so well,  he decided to enter the sticker business, starting with 10 Dead designs, and evolving eventually into the  line of sixty-plus artists, and literally thousands of designs, that make up the Yujean line today.

The Grateful Dead still, 20 years later, is a big part of Yujean. What other band has such longevity, and such a cool visual presence? Steal Your Face…..the dancing bears…….Jerry Garcia. We produce Dead stickers and other stuff by artists like Dan Morris, who started his career creating Tour shirt designs for rock artists like Blues Traveler, The Grateful Dead, The Band, and Bob Marley and Mike DuBois, a visionary and renowned Dead artist.

Now, at the outset of 2010, we celebrate the first 20 years, and look forward to the next.

RIP Jerry.

Quote for the Day

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I believe in censorship.  I made a fortune out of it.  ~Mae West

We support artists and, logically, freedom of speech. If you agree, spread the word about this fundamental American– we think human– right. Better yet, send a donation to the ACLU. Freedom can’t protect itself.

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