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Oh, You (Derby) Doll!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 by yujeanscene

We love those tough Roller Derby Girls! So how to show our appreciation??

Roller Derby stickers, that’s how!! This team of fierce Roller Girls is by Kalynn Campbell.

…..and this great slam, by Mike Martin and Enginehouse 13.

And, finally, this MOST adorable Roller Derby patch ever, from tattoo artist Adam Potts. Iron it on, Dolls, and jam!

Watch for more new Roller Derby stickers, coming very soon.

Hint: they are like nothing you have seen before!


Tater Red’s

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We have great customers all over the world, and we love coming across them in their natural habitats! Here is a favorite–Tater Red’s, on famous Beale Street in Memphis. It’s equal parts music memorabilia, funky voodoo-mojo-lowbrow stuff, head shop gear and Tater Red’s own, incredible, art on t shirts, posters and about anything you can think of. And there in the middle of it all are Yujean stickers and patches! A visit to Tater Red’s is not to be missed, and you will come away–I promise!–with something really, really cool. Like this great Yujean pinup girl we just saw on our visit there this afternoon. Tell them we sent you!

New Gay Pride Stick Family!

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We keep seeing those generic stick figure families on the back of every SUV and minivan in the lot, and it started to bug us: all families DON’T look alike! So here is our latest brainchild: My Pride Family. 21 stickers–moms, dads, kids, dogs, cats, rainbows. Enough cute pride stickers to let EVERY kind of family show their rainbow colors! Artist Terri Puma rendered this–we love her art, and love the results.

You HAVE to see these Patches!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2010 by yujeanscene

We have the best patches anywhere, I swear. Every time new embroidered patches come in, it’s like Christmas around here. Great detail and definition, super high thread counts–these things really can’t be beat. These newest patches are incredible: sugar skull patches from Sunny Buick, tattoo from Adam Potts, car culture from Vulture Kulture and so many more. It’s a great time to be a patch hound!!

How cute is THIS??? A killer roller derby tattoo patch! Iron it on, dolls, and jam!!!

And this!! Vulture Kulture’s edgy, retro vibe in a spider and web design. For the shoulder of your jacket, or the butt of your jeans….and best, it comes in two sizes.

Sunny Buick is doing great work, and we are SO happy to have her on board with us! Here, her amazing kitty crossbones butterfly with those incredible curly antennae. You have to have one!

There is SO much more to see at!!! (I know everyone always says that, but I really mean it! We have been working like dogs.)

Not like THIS dog, of course, but hard, working really hard, and there is a lot to see. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.

Climbing Back

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2010 by yujeanscene

Boy, I wish we coulda known THIS Las Vegas!!

Or this Vegas:

Or even this:

Unfortunately, when we Yujeaners go, in 2010, it tends to look more like this:

Yeah, it’s just work, work, work. What you have to imagine in this photo, taken last week at the ASD show, are the HORDES of people who visited us just minutes after this was taken, and they just kept coming through the whole show! Old customers, old friends, new customers, people opening new businesses. It felt like all the people who were holding their collective breath through the lousy economy saw the light, the new shoots of spring, and came to life! Our mom and pop customers have really taken a beating these last months, and we were SO happy to see them back–and full of the fighting, optimistic, entrepreneurial spirit we love them for.

(And, so you don’t feel TOO sorry for us, C and H spent one evening at Jason Alexander’s one man show, Donny Clay at Planet Hollywood–he is fantastic, and nothing at all like either George Costanza or Larry David! Highly recommended. And this writer was $70 ahead on the slots at Terrible’s, which–trust me– is even more of a miracle than the economy reviving.)

Great show, great business, great time!

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