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Healing the Planet

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2010 by yujeanscene

We know that you are as heartbroken as we are about the environmental horrors happening in the Gulf of Mexico. It is such a wake up call, and such a shame that it takes a monumental disaster like this to ring the bell.

Since stickers are about self expression, and our artists create from the heart, we wanted to share some of their earth-celebrating art with you.

Dan Morris is an incredibly prolific artist, and a really great person besides. The collections that we produce of his are all about the natural world–brilliant renderings of earth, sea and the celestial skies. Joyful, mysterious, playful, profound.

Richard Biffle‘s Parting the Waves is all about the oceans and the incredible iconic beauty of the sea turtle. Richard is a longtime favorite at Yujean, and has made his mark in the world of rock’n’roll poster art (amazing stuff!), but the works we use most here are his fantastic takes on the natural world. Here are some more:

Mikio‘s Living Planet has been in our line for years–an incredibly powerful classic, never more relevant than right now. Mikio is another artist who has made a huge reputation in the world of rock posters (and there is great stuff there, if you care to explore!). We love him for this piece….and you really have to see his great Alice in Wonderland art!!

Finally, Puffy P is just a creative maniac! She designs adorable Kawaii-inspired sweets, and a thousand other things–including a series of eco-stickers. They are all about the message, with style!

I feel ready to take a Gulf vacation, and spend it picking up tarballs. Want to join me??


How to Make the Best Sticker. Ever.

Posted in Uncategorized on June 6, 2010 by yujeanscene

So, you want to know how to make the best sticker. (Go away, Yujean competitors; this is just for our fans and friends.)

Let me tell you how it’s done.

1. Find the best artists you can. Look high and low, leave no stone unturned. Creative, witty, super-skilled, with an eye for trend. It helps if they are great people too. Makes work a lot more fun!

2. Be fearless in producing a lot of different art. You never know what is going to capture the imagination of your customers, and, as often as not, the hits will surprise you. And sometimes the misses can be the experiences that you end up enjoying the most.

3. Have an artist on staff who really knows what s/he is doing, to interpret the design into this really specialized art object that is STICKER! You will want diecuts, and kiss cuts, and sombrero hole cuts and what-all-else kind of cuts. You will want backgrounds removed, and added in, and tweaked and changed around to make this sticker something that your customer will feel was made just for her. (Or him.) A little piece of artwork that expresses something real. (It’s about self-expression, after all.)

4. Print the sticker with a screen printing process that will make it last and last, even outdoors–but be sure that you don’t sacrifice print quality to do it. You want the best, so remember: NO COMPROMISES. It will cost you more to make The Best Sticker Ever, but nothing worth making comes without a price.

5. Print on a crystal clear material so that the artwork floats on the window, or whatever surface you want your sticker to stick to. Thick enough material that the sticker peels right off its backing, (no tearing, no stretching). It’s a moment of truth that should take the customer back to childhood, and the utter pleasure we all used to take in simple, cool, well made stuff. Remember, you’re not looking to make crap here. We ARE, after all, talking about The Best Sticker. Ever.

So that’s how it’s done! If it sounds like too much for you (and it might; we’ve been doing this for twenty-some years, so there is no shame in that), you can just go to and pick up a few of ours. No worries: with something like 2000 items in our line, we have plenty for you, too.

We work really hard at making The Best Sticker. Ever.

The Art of the Pinup Girl

Posted in Uncategorized on June 3, 2010 by yujeanscene

We count pinups among our most popular products at Yujean, and just introduced some great new ladies. This Lucky Lady by pinup artist Ted Hammond reminds us of the great classic girls….while being modern as can be! Fantastic tattoos with sort of a ’50s Marilyn Monroe vibe….

Dave Nestler is our newest pinup artist, specializing in modern, sexy pinups that are already getting attention!

And Lowbrow artist Kalynn Campbell goes after retro bad girls with his Naughty Nurse.

Geez–I haven’t even mentioned Michael Landefeld, or Charm School Art Keith Garvey or Bawidamann.

Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to check out the website.

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