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Go Ask Alice

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Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at. --the Mad Hatter

Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland, and my personal favorite, Alice Through the Looking Glass? Even before the movie (haven’t seen it….should I, or will it kill my memories of two of my favorite books of all time?) our artists were working wonders with Alice and her worlds. This is just in–the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. I think she caught the perfect mood of slightly twisted Steampunk Victoriana, and Alice’s annoyance with that mad twit of a Hatter.

Curiouser and curiouser! --Alice

Jasmine’s Steampunk Alice sticker is another of her takes on this Alice’s world. I love the incredible detail, and her juxtaposition of Steampunk mechanics and Alice’s poignant, lost expression. Jasmine continues to knock us out!!

No discussion of Alice and Yujean would be complete without Mikio’s fantastic Alice and the Caterpillar–officially known as Go Ask Alice. In our line for several years now, it is always a favorite, and never more than now!


Fly Your Colors!! (Or, where would YOU put a sticker?)

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Loving our Gay Pride Stick Family!! Here are the ladies…..

And here are the gentlemen.

Proof positive that families come in all shapes, sizes, genders and combinations of same.

New Sunny Buick!!!

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Just now in, and so FREAKING cute!!

Sunny is equal parts hipster lowbrow artist and tatoueuse, and we love her madly!!

Sunny is an American, living and working in Paris. This design has been an in-house favorite for quite awhile. We don’t honestly know what took us so long to make a great sticker out of it! It’s time has come!

A Patriotic Fourth

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Not to make a political statement out of patriotism (there is quite enough of that to go around), but, since we work with artists of all stripes, and defend the right of free speech and civil liberties by our work and actions, we want to share some of the work our people are doing that we think addresses that Fourth of July spirit! This Land of the Free Because of the Brave design is by the great guys (and gals!) at Hot Leathers. Their straight up biker stuff is the best out there in our opinion, but their patriotic designs are fantastic. Edgy, beautiful, put a lump in your throat. Especially designs like the next one. Hot Leathers honors vets, and aren’t they really what this is all about?

Vince Concepcion rendered this amazing, fierce eagle, and it’s one of the icons of our line.

There’s nothing like a WWII era pinup girl, and the ones by Michael Landefeld are just great. A couple of years ago we had an order of these girls go out to Afghanistan, for a home on a Chinook helicopter. We hope they came out all right.

Peace. This year. What could be more patrotic? As the “rocket’s red glare” burst out over parade grounds everywhere this weekend, let’s vow to bring our people home, safe.

Happy July 4th, everyone.

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