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At Yujean, we are all about spooky. With theme categories like Day of the Dead, Skulls and Dragons and Undead, how could it be any other way? In honor of the coming Hallowe’en, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead–however you choose to celebrate it–here are some of our favorite calaveras, undead ghouls, zombies and general scariness.

These dancing, prancing traditional calaveras are making their way back to their loved ones for the Day of the Dead. Oh happy day!

Hot Leathers’ “Assassin” is freaking me out!

Agorables are strange little undead creatures, with a tragic sense of humor. Scary, yes, but we like them too!! They are great year round, but you know how it goes……’tis the season!

Sunny Buick‘s sugar skulls (“calaveras de azucar”) absolutely rule.

My Sweet Fiend creatures are, well, wicked funny. “The inexorable hand of death itself has never been so delightfully perky!”

Whether you dig Kalynn Campbell‘s lowbrow, freaky scarefests, or you just love devils, this is the place to be this October 31!!

Finally, another Hot Leathers skull-sation!!! They don’t get much scarier than this. Well……actually…..maybe they do……. Hard to know WHAT you’ll find skulking in the shadows at!!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!!!!


A Rich Fantasy Life

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Several years ago we saw that the art category of fairies and fantasy was commanding such a following, and some of the artists were doing such amazing work, that we had to be a part of it. We had Nene Thomas come on board, who is one of the most prolific, and successful fantasy artists working today. She is also a major talent, and a wonderful person. Her appeal transcends fantasy; her graceful, lovely fairy creatures appeal to women of all ages.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith
takes those huge-eyed girls in the paintings from the ’60s to a WHOLE new place! Her faeries and gothlings, strangelings and lost girls–and, as here, her Steampunk Alices–are truly enchanting. Jas lives in Florida with her cats and husband, and paints, like, constantly. Incredible.

Selina Fenech is an Australian fantasy artist whose work is always exquisite, always tender and lovely. This mermaid mother and child is about fantasy and so much more.

Other fairy artists we love: Rachel Anderson, Krisgoat, Delphine Levesque Demers and Meredith Dillman. You can’t get too much fantasy!

7.62 is HERE!!!!

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“7.62 Design was founded in 1997 by a fired-up, former USMC Force Recon gunslinger and has become a brand of choice for Patriots & Men of Arms. Based in sunny San Diego, this art-driven assault force has traded their rucksacks and rifles for oversized monitors and no. 2 pencils. With a team of motivated veterans and proud countrymen, they lead from the front with cutting-edge apparel and all-original art that truly captures the Warrior Spirit. In a pop-culture enamored with false idols and trivial interests, their focus steadfastly remains upon our unsung heros and those who simply value our liberty and way of life.”

The folks at 7.62 Design create some incredibly fierce art, and we’re proud to introduce the first 6 of our Yujean sticker introduction! These guys are the real deal, and the stickers are (if I may be so bold) AWESOME!!!

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