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Anatomy of a Backdrop

Posted in Uncategorized on October 11, 2010 by yujeanscene

One of the best ways we know to get Yujean stuff out to the businesses we want to reach, is by doing trade shows–gift shows, merchandise shows, trend shows–the places our customers go to find great new products that THEIR customers will want to buy.

We have a standard Yujean tradeshow booth, which is a funky, custom made “scaffolding” framework, and a cool backdrop of a night sky over an edgy cityscape. It’s kind of arty and cool, and is flexible enough to set up in all sizes and configurations of booths, (which can change quite a bit, depending on the venue and the show). Here, at ASD, where they sell EVERYTHING, (and I do mean everything; I have found there everything from wedding accessories to cellos to army surplus to rugs to ribbon to bongs to handbags to “enhancement” pills to black light posters to……fill in your own blank! If it exists, it is likely to be found at ASD Las Vegas!), we like a little edgier look.

(Just so you don’t think that Barbara and Noah, pictured above at the show, aren’t total drudges, check them out here at our last day outing to Hoover Dam! I am not including pics of our evening Downtown, though!)

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, though.

We decided to make a last minute appearance at SEMA, which is the major automotive aftermarket tradeshow on the planet. We haven’t shown there for several years, but thought this year might be the time to try it again. On a smaller scale, though.

Small enough for two of us to pack in the Prius and drive from Oregon to Las Vegas; big enough to pack a punch and let people know we are there!!

So the plan was to use an old framework we have, design a backdrop to have printed up quickly, and set it up as a single 10×10′ booth.

Matt, our intrepid in-house artist, got to work on his Mac to create a huge, showy assemblage of our artists’ work. Final size will be something like 20′ x 8′! The work and skill that goes into taking that high res, but quite small, sticker art and blowing it up to such proportions–while keeping the resolution intact, and the intensity balanced–is pretty amazing.

A to-scale mockup of what the backdrop will finally look like. The back stretch is 10’wide by 8′ high.

Finally, we did test prints of small parts of the final design, to test for resolution and see what the design, in real scale, would look like. Here on our white board, (along with a lovely piece of art by Maya, Matt’s very creative daughter!), is Chaos Smiley in HUGE, glorious, backdrop sizing!!


Today, the backdrop arrived!! We set it up in our warehouse, and here it is. Sweet!!!

I LOVE it when that happens!!!

Who wouldn’t want to stop at a booth like that?

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