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The SEMA Experience

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2010 by yujeanscene

Well, I am finally getting around to posting about the fantastic SEMA automotive aftermarket show Yujean attended in November! In a first, Rick and I decided to take a road trip, loaded up the Prius with all our show stuff, and drove the two day trip from Eugene to Vegas. (Most shows, we present in a huge 10×30′ booth; this show, we designed a single booth, really compact, which made it bringing it all in by car even possible!) Beautiful drive, really. Great weather and a lot to see.

It’s a bleak landscape in places, with a nod to the Wild West… this Boot Hill-esque cemetary, with it’s Joshua Trees…..

…..or this famous Mustang Ranch exit…..

….which we did not take.

Got to the show site, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and set up.

It really was a RIDICULOUSLY small booth! I would show it full of people but then you really couldn’t see anything!

SEMA has amazing sights and sounds. (Well, the sounds have mainly to do with revving engines!) Let’s share some sights:

Air brush artists and their amazing work.

A work of art in itself.

Foolishness like this. (Sorry, but how DO you get into this thing??)

And some really great people!!! Here is one…..note the tattoo please!!

Look familiar!?

We are Kar KRAZY!!!!!

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