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What Would YOU Do With a Sticker? (1/11 Edition)

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2011 by yujeanscene

It’s a shiny, young, enthusiastic new year!! Happy 2011 out there! (I will try to contain my use of exclamation points, realizing that they really can be annoying, but dang–it’s a New Year!! There I go again….)

We love Macs here at Yujean, if for no other reason than they make a FABULOUS spot for a sticker or seven!!

And how cool are these? Dancing Day of the Dead skeletons. Like Dia de los Muertos all year round, baby! Best of all, along with ALL the Skulls and Dragons products at, through January 2011, 20% OFF!!!! Now THAT’S worth an exclamation point or two, doncha think?

Happy New Year everyone!

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