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A Good New-Old Idea

Posted in Uncategorized on July 20, 2011 by yujeanscene

You see vinyl cutout rub-on stickers, like, EVERYWHERE! They look great, really pop on a car window, but are murder to put on; so many steps, and it’s easy to get it wrong. (Ever see the ones where someone doesn’t quite understand the instructions, and a filmy square shows around the image….bad looking. Or the ones that are starting to peel off?) Anyway, a few months ago we had an idea: why not print in white, with extra thick white weather resistant inks? The user gets the pop of white on his window, without the rubbing, peeling, rubbing again hassle of vinyl cutouts.

We tried them, and our customers are digging them, so here they are! Four different rocking white stickers! Above, Chaos Smiley….

Sunny Buick’s famed Rose Sugar Skull…..

Rollin’ Low’s glowing cross….

And Vince Concepcion, of Mindfull Designs and Gamma Canvas, and his iconic Pray For Us, the Virgin de Guadalupe.

It’s an old look….and a new idea!!

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