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2011, Over and Out

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2011, at Yujean Stickers, in a nutshell…..

Some great new artists:

Kirsten Easthope, Queenpin Deluxe herself, and her fab retro pinup girlz!

The Incredible Dr Krinkles…..good for what ails ya:

The renowned tattoo artist, Mitch O’Connell:

Awesome pinup artist Tim Lowery:

And brand new work by Agorables, a former Yujean artist we love:


In Vegas:

and Sevierville, Tennessee (right next to Dollywood: yeeeeeehaw!!!!!):

Met a new printer to help us out:

Our wonderful Barbara became a grandma, and celebrated 10 great years at Yujean Stickers:

We shipped stickers to several hundred of the coolest customers–with the hippest stores–anywhere!

Remodeled our warehouse, which (if you have ever worked through a remodel) you are aware is akin to true hell on earth.

Spotted our stickers around, always with our childlike sense of wonder and utter immaturity (like, “Pull over!! Take a picture!!!”)

It’s been a great year!!!!

Thanks, readers, customers, art lovers, and Yujean fans where ever you may be. We couldn’t do it without you.

Happy, happy New Year!!


the Gang at Yujean Stickers

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