Hot Zombie Love

I will never forget my first zombie movie.

Scared the holy crap out of me. Gah! Awful!

I look back on it now, of course, in light of The Walking Dead, and the myriad advances in makeup and special effects, and realize that the Living Dead were pretty tame…..but maybe that was part of the creepiness–the zombies looked quite a bit like the dazed people who filtered out of the theater at the heartbreaking end (you know–where the one reasonably normal, nice person who survives the terror is shot dead by the posse.)

I mean, this is so OBVIOUS, right?

When you leave the theater, you may be haunted by the image, but you surely won’t mistake the people surrounding your car for undead!

So, where trends land, Yujean follows!Zombie Love Hands by the great Jeral Tidwell!

Frank Wiedemann’s great Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Kids!!

And, of course, the inimitable Dr Krinkles!

Peace and love to all Undead!! …….And there’s more where THAT came from!


What do you think?

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