Support Artists (Musicians too)

Fellow WordPress blogger The Trichordist wrote a response to NPR intern Emily White’s admission that, while she has downloaded some 11,ooo songs on her various devices, she has actually purchased only 15 or so albums in her entire life. She loves music, it seems, but hasn’t felt any need to actually PAY for it.

Read The Trichordist’s statement, and pass it on. It’s needed to be said for a long time now, and really puts the morality of artist and consumer in perspective.

Money quote:

The existential questions that your generation gets to answer are these:

Why do we value the network and hardware that delivers music but not the music itself?

Why are we willing to pay for computers, iPods, smartphones, data plans, and high speed internet access but not the music itself?

Why do we gladly give our money to some of the largest richest corporations in the world but not the companies and individuals who create and sell music?



What do you think?

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