‘Tis the Season for a Scary Sale!!

Hallowe’en…..Dia de los Muertos….All Souls Day……lots of occasions coming up that ask for a certain–I don’t know–macabre response. Who better to provide that, than the twisted folks at yujean.com?

Zombie Double Tap

Agorables is name for an INCREDIBLY talented artist we know who seems to have an intimate relationship with the bent. Above are a couple of his newest zombie shirts. And below, his Never Trust the Living shirt (which devotees can get in a keychain and sticker as well!!)

Never Trust the Living

Sunny Buick’s sugar skulls are hot year round, but you surely need them in time for Day of the Dead. Here’s her newest:

…..and, like most of our stuff, you can order in more than one form—it comes as a shirt, a keychain, and a kick-ass embroidered patch! You can wear this sugar skull on your chest, on your car, in your pocket and ON your pocket!!

Frank Wiedemann‘s  Zombie Hunter design has been flying out, here in a shirt, but in other products as well. (Check out Frank’s creepy Zombie Kids while you’re at it!)

Jeral Tidwell is BACK!! And with these great Zombie Love Hands! And there is SO much more where these came from!

BEST OF ALL, our entire Zombie, Undead, Skeletons and Creatures of the Night category is ON SALE–10% off on all products, whether you are a retail customer or wholesale, through October 2, 2012! Shirts, stickers, button boxes, patches, keychains–all of it!! Just be sure to use the coupon code ‘scary’, so we know you are taking advantage of this great offer! (Psst…..wholesale customers–when you order $400 or more through the sale, you’ll also get a $25. credit towards your shipping costs! Whoo hooo!!! Happy Frights everyone!)


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