Pete Tapang Is Back!! Pinups De Los Muertos


Pete Tapang is a pinup artist from Virginia, self taught, and an absolutely stunning talent! He licensed with Yujean in the past, but when we saw his amazing Day of the Dead inspired pinups (and other too: see gorgeous Kitsune below!) we had to invite him back.


Why does he specialize in drawing women? Pete says, ‘People like to draw what they feel is beautiful! Some people like buildings, landscapes, retarded poodles, chipmunks, or even smurfs, but I think that the most beautiful creation that God ever made was the woman, so why not draw that. Throughout the years I have spent drawing, I realized that every artist has a job to do and I believe that my job as an artist is to cause a little trouble and get people to think a little bit. A man once told me that in a world of media bombardment, it’s truly a great thing when a simple drawing can still shock and provoke an audience. It shows that the art still has power.’

ja582Sensational, right?  We are about the art, here at Yujean Stickers. Amazing, quirky, beautiful, interesting, challenging art, on a product that all of us want and use.

t1169But it’s not just stickers: Pete Tapang shirts! Fashion fit, ring spun cotton, and absolutely gorgeous printing.

ja583Welcome back, Pete!! We have missed you!


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