Hot Zombie Love

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I will never forget my first zombie movie.

Scared the holy crap out of me. Gah! Awful!

I look back on it now, of course, in light of The Walking Dead, and the myriad advances in makeup and special effects, and realize that the Living Dead were pretty tame…..but maybe that was part of the creepiness–the zombies looked quite a bit like the dazed people who filtered out of the theater at the heartbreaking end (you know–where the one reasonably normal, nice person who survives the terror is shot dead by the posse.)

I mean, this is so OBVIOUS, right?

When you leave the theater, you may be haunted by the image, but you surely won’t mistake the people surrounding your car for undead!

So, where trends land, Yujean follows!Zombie Love Hands by the great Jeral Tidwell!

Frank Wiedemann’s great Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Kids!!

And, of course, the inimitable Dr Krinkles!

Peace and love to all Undead!! …….And there’s more where THAT came from!


Kickin’ It Old School

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Never have quite understood why there seems to be a ‘Gay Pride Season’–I think it must have to do with festivals and marketing and stuff–but every year we cast a jaundiced eye towards our Pride section and ask ‘what could we do better?’

This year, after consulting with some of our Pride customers, we went back to basics–flags: bi, bear, leather and fetish and transgender–Super Gay and Lesbian, and a simple rainbow bar. Brilliant in its simplicity, right?? So here, below, our new Pride additions, 2012:

And finally, the most timely piece of all. We came out with this a few years ago, maybe a little ahead of its time, and we are SO HAPPY to put this small support of marriage equality out, at a time it seems to be coming to pass!! Finally!

Happy Spring, everyone!

Oh, Shirt!

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We have been hinting around for several months about our big announcement, and finally, here we are!

Yujean Shirts!

We have thought for years that, with the number of fantastic artists we license, t-shirts would be a natural for us. Customers have asked for them for years. Finally, with the introduction of really fine digital shirt printers on the market, the time was right. We had a vendor print a bunch of samples for us, we presented them (to great response, I must add!) at the ASD show yesterday, and our equipment is on the way!! We expect to be online for shipping June 1, and are taking orders now!! Click here for a link to a pdf of the designs we have to date….with many more to come!

And now, more photos from the ASD show!

After our June 1 rollout, expect 1 week shipping on your order of any Yujean shirt! With hundreds of styles to choose from (and there will be that many), that is really something!

We’re Getting Ready…

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Every year, three or four times, we venture out into the world, and exhibit at a trade show. Right now, Noah, Rick and Christy are in Las Vegas, getting a booth set up and ready for an awesome show!!

Thought you might be interested in coming along.

Unless, of course, you are ACTUALLY coming to the show, in which case we can’t wait to see you! Booth SL4155.

We are pretty low tech, actually, compared to some exhibitors, with their mondo-sound systems and crazy light shows. Most, though, are like us–some sort of graphic presence, and a bunch of product. Here you are seeing the very start…..and we’ll post more tomorrow!

We have a big announcement to make, and you’ll see it here, manana!

Get to Know…..Derek Tall

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We got to know Derek through his hipster haven Cherry Redd in Salem, Oregon. He was carrying some of our stickers, and we came to learn that he is a smokin’ artist himself!! We have two great new scary-sexy stickers from him, just in….and more to come!!

New Mitch O’Connell (Mai O Mai……)

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Mitch O’Connell is something: to quote his own website, “Mitch can be summed up in 3 words: Hot, Handsome and Hunkalicious!”

So smitten with Mr O’C are we, that we just intro’d a bunch more of his stickers– this time, his fab retro Hula girls. Hawaiiana meets lowbrow! Check out our website to see more.

Well, not Hula, but pretty swinging just the same!


New Artist: Maryann Luera

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We are SO excited to announce our first stickers by artist Maryann Luera! Her art is homage to Mexican culture–especially Day of the Dead and Loteria, in this first introduction. Maryann is a wonderful artist, and we look forward to many years collaboration with her.

Welcome, Maryann!

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